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Jiangsu Fengdong Thermal Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading integrated provider of solution in the heat treatment industry and a world renowned manufacturer of heat treatment equipment.

After nearly 30 years, "Fengdong" brand has been widely recognized by the heat treatment industry.

At present, Fengdong has registered 22 Chinese trademarks in China and has registered 4 international trademarks in Japan, India, Russia, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Taiwan and other countries or regions.

Through judicial recognition, 1 well-known trademarks in China were awarded, 1 famous trademarks in Jiangsu and 1 famous trademarks in Yancheng City.

Fengdong takes part in professional exhibitions in China, Japan and the United States.

◆2011 companies participate in Beijing International Heat Treatment Exhibition

◆In 2013, Fengdong participated in the Japan International Heat Treatment Exhibition

◆In 2014, Fengdong participated in the North American Industrial Furnace Exhibition

Fengdong was awarded as "excellent supplier of equipment " by customers

◆Fengdong was awarded as “Excellent Supplier of Equipment” by Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.

Fengdong participates in social activities: Charity, Fengdong Cup Undergraduate Innovation Competition 

   ◆In 2014, Fengdong was honored as a charity star by Dafeng Charity Federation

◆2017 Fengdong titled Undergraduate Innovation Competition

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