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Jiangsu Fengdong Thermal Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading integrated provider of solution in the heat treatment industry and a world renowned manufacturer of heat treatment equipment.

Mission—— provide total solution for heat treatment and metal surface modification, create values for customers, push upgrading of manufacturing industry  

Heat treatment and surface modification are the key basic processes for mechanical manufacturing and an important part of mechanical manufacturing technology. They are important technological means for strengthening metal materials and giving play to their potential capabilities. They are key technology to ensure and enhance the quality and reliability of mechanical products and extend their lifespan. They are core elements of manufacturing competitiveness. China's manufacturing industry is large and not strong, and a large number of key core parts of national key projects and strategic emerging industries are still heavily dependent on imports. Among them, the material heat treatment process equipment has become the main bottleneck restricting the localization of components. The heat treatment process technology is an advanced basic process that requires a major breakthrough in the “Strong Base Project” in “Made in China 2025”, and it plays a decisive role in improving the performance of basic materials and ensuring the service life of key core components. The level of heat treatment technology in China and the advanced developed countries still have a gap of more than 15 years. As the leading enterprise in China's heat treatment industry, our company has the responsibility to provide advanced heat treatment and surface modification solutions to improve the heat treatment technology level of China's machinery industry. thus contributing to the overall industrial upgrading and improvement of the manufacturing industry.

Vision —— dedicated to be a world-class total solution provider of heat treatment and metal surface modification.

● Complete professional categories: Fengdong will be dedicated to provide products in the field of controlled atmosphere heat treatment, vacuum heat treatment, induction heat treatment, non-atmosphere heating equipment, plasma equipment, PVD, nano thermal spraying etc.

● Full life cycle: Fengdong will provide services in the entire life cycle of the covered areas, including but not limited to: equipment design, manufacturing, delivery, after-sales service (spare parts saling, maintenance and upgrade of equipment, equipment inspection, equipment relocation, and old equipment purchasing&selling), factory planning, personnel training, process consulting and development, system consulting, etc.

● A variety of cooperation models can be carried out with customers, including but not limited to: equipment sales and leasing, commercial heat treatment processing, heat treatment plant trusteeship, construction of processing services “in-factory heat treatment plant”, personnel training and dispatch.

core values —— co-creation, co-action, co-sharing  

—— co-creation

Attract talents over the world, working together to create a brighter future for Fengdong

—— co-action

To create a culture of responsibility, sincere cooperation, common prosperity, share happiness and sufferings

—— co-sharing

Constantly develop cost-effective products and services to meet customer needs and realize a win-win cooperation with customers; Pursue harmony and unity of social progress, company prosperity and staff value.

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