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Quality management system
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Jiangsu Fengdong Thermal Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading integrated provider of solution in the heat treatment industry and a world renowned manufacturer of heat treatment equipment.

Quality management system:

History for the establishment of environment and quality system  

Quality is the foundation for survival and development of enterprises, and is the eternal theme of enterprises.

In July 2000, our company passed the ISO 9001 international quality system certification, continuously improving itself for customer satisfaction.

Protecting the environment is the responsibility and a necessary condition for the sustainable development of a company. In August 2003, Fengdong passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification. Fengdong advocates and practices the concept of manufacturing environmentally-friendly and energy-saving heat-treatment equipments, and continues to contribute to the sustainability of the “Environment Pillar”.

R&D is the source of technological innovation. The establishment, implementation, maintaining and improvement of R&D management system is a strategic need of a company. It is also the only way to enhance the R&D performance and improve the innovation competitiveness of a company. Fengdong passed the R&D management system certification in September 2016.

In 2017, with the adjustment of organizational structure and changing of some system versions, Fengdong completed the integration of management systems and realized the organic integration and high efficient operation of various management systems.


Policy of Quality&Environment

Providing total heat treatment solutions and create values for customers

Policy for R&D and industrialization and informatization integration

Innovation leading, Fast development, Support upgrading of Manufacturing Industry


Quality, R&D and environmental goals:

Customer satisfaction rate ≥95%

ERP360 indicator achievement rate≥80%

Customized and R&D new product≥ 3 pcs / year, Independent R&D project ≥ 1 pc/year

The number of new intellectual property ≥15/year.

Strictly control the hazardous solid waste, disposal according to laws with the disposal rate 100%.

The consumption of water, electricity, and office supplies decrease by more than 1% compared with that in the previous year

Overall Objectives

Index Measuring method 2020 Goal

Assessment scores and level  

of industrialization and informatization

GB/T 23020-2013 85、Breakthrough of innovation

The proportion of intelligent equipments   revenue

accounting for total equipment revenue  

According to conventional   methods 60%
Total profit realized According to conventional   methods 100 million yuan
Per-capita output realized According to conventional methods 100 million yuan

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